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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 10, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now on "news 4 midday" a man involved in a deadly morning accident tries to run from the scene. witnesses and police are quick to track him down. good reviews for the president's health care speech. the question is congress closer to working out a deal? >> extra security on the rails. metro and marc riders met by added police officers. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for bar ra
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harrison. >> we begin with breaking news out of the district. a man arrested for having a shotgun near the capitol building moments before president obama was to address a joint session of congress. police officers searched joshua bomen's vehicle. he admitted to having a shotgun and ammunition in the trunk. he was arrested and charged with having an unregistered firearm. he will be arraigned later today. >> a man is dead and another in police custody a violent hi bstseor:0 2 this morning.urgg tracee wilkins joins us live with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of peoe in the area had to move around this accident this morning. it lasted through the rush, the cleanup process. the police are vining investigation to try to nail down what caused this. this is what was left of the
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two-door toyota, the passenger side is all but gone. after the driver swiped a dump truck. >> the passenger was pronounced at the scene. from what i saw he did have his seat belt on. >> reporter: around 1:40 this morning the toyota was heading westbound on route 7 toward leesburg when it lost control, hitting the dump truck. it barely left a dent on the truck. >> he thought he had a blowout, a small car weighing 3500 pounds hitting 60,000 pounds, he was only traveling 45 miles an hour so he didn't see the vehicle and didn't reali it was an auto accident. >> reporter: what is shocking is what happened after the accident. they say the driver left the scene, croed over route 7 on foot heading east. they say they found him a short time later trying to hitchhike. >> i imagine he panicked. i don't think we had any 911 calls from him. >> reporter: witnesses reported
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seeing the driver swerving erratically coming down the road. officers say alcohol was found in the vehicle. the driver is undergoing dui testing. >> if he is arrested they have implied consent law. >> reporter: how long could it take to find out the results? >> depends on the test. the blood test will take weeks. >> reporter: police say the driver who ran away from the scene was the registered owner of the vehicle. they say both the driver and passenger were in their early to mid 20s, they have not released the identities. they need to notify the victims' next of kin. no charges have been filed. back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. traffic was also backed up on 95 in dumfries after the cab of tractor-trailer caught on fire. at one point the southbound lanes were closed. by 8:00 some lanes were getting by. for the latest on this situation and any other issues out on the
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roads, let's go to jerry edwards and the traffic network. >> the good news you can see, everything has been cleaned up. 95 southbound has reopened. everything is moving pretty well. northbound we have road work to watch for, 95 northbound, you lose the right lane, as you head up to the lorton area, and a little slow there, southbound the lanes are open to the occoquan. out the woodrow wilson bridge no worries, the inner loop and outer loop between alexandria and oxen hill the travel lanes are open. southeast relatively quiet. northeast, no late residual issues from the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. we have more breaking news to report this morning. we are getting reports that someone has been struck by a metro train. it happened near slaters lane and route 1 in alexandria. explain delays on the blue and yellow lines both directions. we will bring you more as we get it.
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again, a person truck by a metro train near the blue line in alexandria. let's look at the weather. another cloudy and pretty cool morning out there. >> tom kierein has the latest on our forecast. good morning. >> yes, it is unusually sun. b. right now the clouds have filled back in again. there's a live picture over the potomac river, the low clouds racing in from the east as we have a developing area of low pressure along the atlantic seaboard that's been lurking off the coast and it is now beginning to approach closer to the coastline. that's why we've had an increase in clouds. we do have onehower out here just to the east of winchester, and some other showers to the south and east of washington over the lower bay and the lower part of the eastern shore. there's quite a bit of rain to the east of ocean city that's going to move up our way late this afternoon and overnight. right now temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it's 69 now in washington,
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montgomery, fairfax, arlington and prince george's counties in the upper 60s. we have a gale warning out for the bay as well as the tidal potomac. gusts of 45 miles an hour and we could have three, four-foot waves on the bay so it's going to be kicking up quite a bit of surf, even at the beaches. some of the buoy reports off the atlantic seaboard reporting up to 15-foot seas. now, ocean city had a wind gust of 33 miles an hour, they are in the low 70s there, steady wind comi in from the east. you can see this area of rain, a lot of rain here just off the coast, looks like it's moving up our way by later on tonight. so, for the rest of the afternoon, cloudy, showers likely. by late afternoon and overnight tonight. highs only near 70. a look at friday and the weekend in a few minutes. joe? >> thanks very much, lawmans . lawmakers reacting this morning toment obama's historic speech
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on health care reform. one congressman is apologizing for his conduct. more from capitol hill. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: answering charges he has been vague, president obama took his specific health care calls to congress. >> the plan i'm announcing tonight -- >> reporter: the president said insurance abuses will end. >> it will be against the law to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition. to drop your coverage when you get sick or water it down when you need it the most. >> reporter: but that was the easy part. on the controversial public option for insurance, the president pushed it but with no ultimatum. >> i will not back down on the basic principle that if americans can't find affordable coverage we will provide you with a choice. >> reporter: republicans call that moref the same. >> this was just one more speech about the same bad plan. >> reporter: one gop critic heckled the president.
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>> lie. >> reporter: south carolina's joe wilson said you lie when the president tried to debunk myths about reforms covering undocumented immigrants, the president blasted fake death panel claims. >> it is a lie, plain and simple. >> reporter: in calling for health care action the president named republican friends of the late ted kennedy. hatch and mccain. >> we did not come to fear the future, we came here to shape it. i stilleave believe we can act even when it's hard. >> reporter: to draw support the president said he was ordering a malpractice reform initiative under way. one piece that drew republican cheers. that's something republicans have long demanded and shows president obama is holding out hope for a bipartisan bill. as for house republican wilson he later issued a statement
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apologizing for what he called a lack of civility. brooke hart, nbc news. though the president and vice president accepted representative wilson's apogy vice president joe biden reacted. >> i saw unity in terms of the wilson's o e demeaning comment, not only to the president but to an institution i love. >> it seems representative wilson's disruption is benefiting his opponent south carolina democrat rob miller. since last night his campaign has reportedly raised thousands of unexpected dollars on line for a possible rematch with wilson next year. today a taxpayer rally kicks off in washington. thousands of people are expected to protest what they are calling a non-stop tax and spend agenda on capitol hill. the rally begin this is morning with the liberty s ummit heldt at the.c d. near rfk m.stiuad
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after the summit participants are eraouncged to visit ou legislators. on saturday mningngegniin at 11:30, a march is scheduled fmni freedom plaza tohe t capitol sts. ep s e group freedom works i events and week's predicts that tens of thousands will attend. today safety upgrades and a possible fare hike are among the issues debated by metro officials now. the board met a short time ago to discuss the agent's budget and capital improvements. recommendations get top priority. that includes replacing all 290 of metro's aging 1,000 series rail cars, board members will also get an update on the maintenance work that shut down a number of metro stations over the weekend. don't be concerned if you see police officers searching the metro or marc station or if you use them today or tomorrow. it is just a drill. several law enforcement agencies
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are taking part in a training exercise to prepare themor a real life emergency. police insist there are no new intelligence to suggest an attack is planned. a investigaon after a is a ioun found in ani ng.home bning hom. this in the bryans road area of charles county. the home was in flame when crews arriv arrived. after knocking down the blaze firefighters found a body inside. no word on who that victim might be or what might have started the fire. investigators say there were no smoke alarms in the home. one firefighter suffered minor injuries while battling the flames. positive economic news out this morning. later today treasury secretary tim geithner answers questions about the state of the economy in a town hall meeting. we'll have a preview of today's event. >> plus, the first known photos of the self-proclaimed 9/11
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master mind are popping up. we'll have images.en hew a n jo. >>llen h eew n job.
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welcome back. the man says the date 9-9-09 led him to hijack a mexican airliner. a fanatical preacher used a fake bomb to take over a flight before it landed in mexico city. he said that 9-9-09, the date,
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is significant because it is 6-6-6 upside down. he also said he wanted to alert people to an impending earthquake. 15 americans were among the 103 passengers on board. no one was injured. in honor of the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks there is a call for people to share their images of that day. the photographs, audio and video will appear online as part of a project called "make history." it will be part of the national memorial and museum set to open in 2012 at ground zero. that website can be found at makehistory.national 9/11 these pictures of the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, khalid shaikh mohammed, the first photos since 2003. relatives released the photograph. the red cross took the pictures in july. that's how they monitor treatment at guantanamo bay. >> good news on the
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unemployment. new jobless claims fell to 550,000. total unemployment totals are also on the decline. it's another sign that the economy may finally be puming out of this recession with the country's financial system changed forever by the past year or so. the question is now where is the system going? steve liesman joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> i understand part of this is that later on today tim geithner is going to hold a town hall meeting and what is your sense what he's going to be first of all, saying and also hearing in this town hall meeting? >> i think those are two -- the right way to approach. say one thing and hearing another. i think this is the first time a treasury secretary has sat for a town hall. i think the reason is because this treasury secretary has a lot of things to answer for. you think of the huge number of programs now that the government is running, many of them run by the treasury secretary. the $700 billion t.a.r.p.
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program which includes assistance for the autos t banks, mtgage foreclosure. in a way tim geithner is the country's cfo running the economy, running all of the bail-out programs and putting us hopefully on a plan for recovery. he is going to try to explain those and why they are in place as well as kind of recount what he went through. remember, he was new york fed president when lehman collapsed a year ago. i think from the other side as you correctly ask, he's going to hear a lot of the anxiety by americans and hear a lot of concern about the programs which many americans have felt for a long time benefit the banks and not necessarily them. >> there is a lot of concern still and yet we're hearing it seems from so called experts who are saying things like the recession may be over. >> yes. there have been some reasonably better economic numbers. i think take the jobless claims number this morning. 550,000. down 26,000, going absolutely in
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the right direction. but not nearly low enough, joe, in order to reduce the declines in payrolls we've seen on a monthly basis. you have to see jobless claims on a weekly basis down in the 400,000. i think that's part of what geithner's going to answer. in the time you passed that stimulus program the unemployment rate has risen to 10%. how much longer? along the other side there are going to be those who are saying you know, it's time to peel back the programs, get government out of the market and let us get back to capitalism the american way. i think there's a lot to talk about with the treasury secretary. >> steve, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. the space shuttle "discovery" is scheduled to return to earth tonight. that could change. thunderstorms are in the forecast and that could keep it in orbit for an extra day or two. nasa could direct the shuttle to land in california.
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"discovery" undocked on tuesday. >> tom is joining us to look outside and see what kind of a day we're going to have. >> the view they have outside the shuttle. look at some of this imagery from space for you this morning, just in this morning. some spectacular images of hurricane fred when the space station and the space shuttle flew over it yesterday afternoon. look at that magnificent view out the window of the space station as they passed over hurricane fred which is way over on the eastern part of the atlantic. meanwhile, high above the atmosphere is the hubble space oplesc telescope. it peered deep into space and has been refurbished with new technology and has come up with these magnificent images. this is a butterfly nebula. and these images from the terepaired ow improvement.t.
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let's look around the region at this hour. we have the clouds that are passing over washington, the live view. there is the national cathral. here is the view from our city camera showing clouds over the great waters of the potomac beginning to pick up a chop with a steve east wind. the averageshigh today goinggeo're t b going to be about 10 degrees cooler than average. right now on the radar no precipitation around washington, but farther to the south and east a few scattered sprinkles but there is a huge mass of heavy rain off the atlantic seaboard that's going to begin to move up our way. right now we'll stay dry. let's look now at the temperatures. it is in the 60s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the atlantic seaboard. now 67 in washington, through tonight we've got a gale warning on the bay and the tidal, patuxent and potomac rivers, we
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could have quite a chop, three, four-foot waves on the bay and perhaps gusts of 45 miles an hour as this gets closer. here is a look at ocean city, ur a.urhus at or mng m to atteermpures there are at the acn the i 7s. in the mountainsre turas are in the mid 60s. and as we look at the view from space over the last several hours, we've seen this, the rain beginning to pick up as this low is slowly creeping closer to the coast. as it does move closer to us, we'll have an increased chance of rain by late afternoon and overnight tonight. in fact, we could get heavy downpours tonight. and maybe over an inch, perhaps 1 1/2 inches by the time we get into tomorrow morning. so going forward over the next 48 hours we'll see this low creeping closer to the coast, you see the colors, the area of potential rain that may linger. for the afternoon, cloudy, expect some rain to begin to move in by late afternoon. then overnight could be heavy au times. and temperatures in the 60s.
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then by dawn tomorrow, we'll be near 60. looks like a wet start t friday. we ought to dry out friday afternoon and into saturday and sunday, warming up and drying out. highs finally getting near the average highs o saturday, sunday and monday. maybe more rain as we getnt io midweek next week. that's the way it looks on this thursday morning. a cool afternoon on the way. >> okay. thank you very much, tom. >> let's see how cool the traffic s. here is jerry on the traffic network. >> good morning. a lot cooler now than earlier this morning, that is for sure. looks like the travel lanes are open but the uneven pavement plaguing us over then american legion bridge as the resurfacing continueses. it sounds like they aren't doing much tonight from what tom says. the wilson bridge looking okay. 270 the travel lanes are open. and some road work on the bay bridge on the westbound side. you might find minor delays. joe, eun, back to you. >> thanks a lot.
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11:22. 69 degrees. still ahead on "news 4 midday," police are investigating a large fight involving two ethnic groups. we'll have the latest. >> what you need to get ready for the flu season. >> get ready for football. season begins tonight on nbc. i we'll have a preview coming .up what's hot shat'ot h on nbc
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i am going to be the new judge on "american idol." >> yes, you heard right. ellen degeneres is joining the judges on "american idol." she won't quit her day job. she'll still have her top show in the day and "american idol" at night. she will replace paula abdul. the nfl season is finally here. the regular professional football season kicks off tonight with the super bowl champion pittsburgh steelers hosting the tennessee titans and the opener for nbc's crew. cris collingsworth and al michaels will call the game. chris is taking over for john madden this season. >> 11:26 is your time. 69 degrees. coming up in the next half hour, a politician caught talking about an affair on a microphone.
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o f> ht the ou what happened. flu. what you need know. >> and brazil day 2009. this weekend's festival.
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right now at 11:30, vice president biden is predicting a health care bill will be done by november. because president obama recenters the debate.
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the president address add rare joint session of congress last night. he avoided specifics on what he wants in a health care reform bill but did say it should cost about $900 billion over the next decade. >> alcohol may be a factor in a crash that killed one and led to a man's arrest, happened in the westbound lanes of route 7 early this morning. a car sideswiped a dump truck, killing a male passeer in the car, then the driver ran away from his car. officers say he was arrested in the eastbound lanes about a block away trying to hitchhike. he's now been taken in to be tested for possible dui charges. fare hikes and safety upgrades are two of the issues tackled by metro's board. members are meeting to discuss the agency's budget and capital improvements. planners want to replace the oldest rail cars which date back to the 1970s. more than 20 white bicycles have been placed around the
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dupont circle in memory of a cyclist killed. 22-year-old alice swanson was hit by a truck while riding in the area last july. shortly after the area bicycle association installed one all white bicycle in the spot to mark her memory, less than two weeks ago the district removed the bicycle reportedly because it believed it had become an eye sore. today 22 white bicycles were placed around the intersection of connecticut avenue, r street and 20th street. each one marking a year of swanson's life. police believe a large brawl in loudoun county was sparked by bad blood between two ethnic groups. police arrived for a report of a melee involving at least 20 men. seven were injured with everything from concussions to broken bones. it started as a fight between people of indian and pakistani
11:32 am
desce descent. >> just about to walk in, and the moment is like four or five, then they got everything. everything. >> this man's young brother and his cousin were injured, both attend heritage high school. they told him it may be a carryover of long standing tensions between the countries of their birth. a school resource officer has not reported similar problems. police in prince georges county cut a break when a bandit wanted for breaking into schools was caught on tape. investigators hope someone can identify him. police believe the man is linked to 11 break-ins. the bandit breaks in through a wi window, steals from the vending machines. the man is suspected in thefts at at least seven schools. a california lawmaker
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resigned after he was caught on videotape talking about his extra marital affairs and sexual escapades. in july, the then orange county assemblyman, mike duvall was caught bragging about affairs with two women. the graphic conversation took place in a committee hearing break. he apparently realize that the microphone in front of him was on the entire time. >> well, the woman he was apparently talking about happens to be a lobbyist. since duvall was vice chair of the energy and commerce committee an ethics investigation is launched. he is married and has two grown children. seeing spikes in swine flu family cans take steps. health officials offer tips,
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many items you may have in your home as we wait for a vaccine against the virus. in indianapolis, owe joey was hospitalized with a fever after both of his parents came down with swine flu. >> the doctors said rotate tylenol and motrin. still 102, 103. and then he stopped eating and drinky. >> reporter: joey pulled through. halfway across the country 27-year-old ryan johnson died. >> i want people to know that this is happening. without any underlying, that it can happen and prepare for it. >> reporter: flu season has barely started. swine flu cases have started to surge. vaccines won't be ready for weeks but people should prepare now. >> we really want our residents in the county to be responsible for themselves. especially during emergencies.
11:35 am
>> reporter: health department nurse manager kay says that people need to gather key items for a survival kit. it should flood fluids like gatorade and power ade. as well as cough and cold medicatis. >> many of us have these items already in our homes. over the years like last year they might have an expiration date on them or you might not have certain items that you thought you had. >> reporter: she says the kit should have items to prevent spreading the virus, like hand sanitizer, possibly even face masks. specifically the n 95 mask which officials say the health care workers should be wearing. >> many times you know, we are at different places, we don't have water and soap available so hand sanitizer is important. at least 60% alcohol based. and purell is one of the examples. >> like in all emergency kits
11:36 am
make sure to have plenty of water and about two weeks of nonperishable foods. >> it's important to start planning ahead and to have these items in your house as a stockpile. there might be shortages of certain supplies so it's important to start stockpiling some of these items. >> reporter: health officials say the best way to prevent spreading the virus is washing your hands, washing them well and also remembering to cough into your elbow, not in yr hands. if you're sick, stay home. >> absolutely. good advice. and let's get another check on weather. tom kierein is in storm center 4. >> the wind has been picking up. this live picture, you can see the flags are flapping in a stiff east wind, standing out straight. and the camera bouncing around with the winds that are gusting to around 30 miles an hour. on radar we don't have precipitation. however, farther south and east there is a line of heavy rain off the atlantic seaboard that's about to move in toward ocean
11:37 am
city and southern maryland. southern part of the eastern shore here over the next hour or two. right now it's up to 70 in washington. and that's probably our high for the day. gusts to 45 around the bay. there's a gale warning around the bay. that pink zone as well as the tidal, patuxent and potomac river, maybe up to three and four-foot waves later on and up to maybe 5, 10-foot waves at the beaches as the heavy rain is about to come in. for us, we'llikely see moderate rain, perhaps by late afternoon and overnight tonight. after highs reach near 70. we'll be holding steady in the 60s through the evening. by tomorrow morning we may have picked up an inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain. it should taper off by friday afternoon, maybe sun returning then. warming up over the weekend, saturday and sunday, sunshine returns, highs low 80s. joe? >> thanks very much, tom. a final look at our traffic now. here is jerry with the latest conditions. >> hey, joe. some very slow going throughout at this hour. told you about the road work on
11:38 am
95, it's happening northbound and southbound at this hour. generally in the stretch between newington and woodbridge. anticipate delays northbound and southbound along 95. elsewhere, pretty good now at the wilson bridge, no hang ups either direction. along 270, lanes are open moving at posted speed or better. over the american legion bridge, keep in mind we have uneven pavement but no resurfacing at this hour. >> thanks very much. the boss is among this year's recipients of one of the highest honors in washington. ♪ bruce spring stine is named one of this year's kennedy center's honorees. he will visit president obama and a tributeet sn o galaet s o december 6th. others include mel brook, dave brubek and grace bumfree. >> thanks. the third annual brazil day
11:39 am
festival is happening this sunday in frederick, maryland. thanks for coming here to tell us more about this. what is brazil day? what is this about? >> we started a friendship and sisterhood with the brazilian city three years ago, and we started a movement where we wanted to exchange e are m learn more about brazil. an event started with 200 people. now we have over 5,000 people after three years. it has been wonderful. >> what city is this? what would you want people to know about the culture and the history of brazil? >> just because brazil has a lot to offer. not just the soccer and the sun but people know about, there is so much about tourism, we are actually giving away two package s, tourists, for two couples to go to the amazon. it's given by travel for less.
11:40 am
and thenackage packagedea in a in granda l,el, te e week for t' ioiso gos t bng two. so it's going to be wonderful. >> you brought some guests with us. they are going to share about the music and dance and that part of brazilian culture. tell us more about that while we listen to them. >> carla quick is the -- she is going to be representing the group several different types of brazilian music. and singing is billy washington. and with three other bands they are going to make our day special. >> what kind of music is this? how would you describe it? >>bossa nova. somba. wel'l havav a different or
11:41 am
berddir ff different group playing. >> i see.en so tell us where is it going to be and again, from 12:00 to 6:00. >> bakers park in the heart of frederick. and in our website you can find the address andn everything. >>o reyoweu we saying everyone knows about the music and the dance but there are othertshear of the is there anything else before we go? >> well, we are also going to focus on the brazilian food. typical brazilian food and the barbecue that's famous. so, we'll have that abundantly throughout the park. >> thank you very much. as we leave we're going to enjoy the wonderful sounds. ♪
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good morning. we have an update. someone was hit by a metro train earlier today. news 4's pat collins is live with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: let me tell you where we are. we're on slater's lane, there is a small metro yard here. in that yard is the hatch, that hatch is open, and in that hatch are stairs that lead down to metro rail tracks. metro rail tracks that go underground here from the braddock road station to the
11:45 am
national airport station. around 11:00 this morning i'm told a metro worker down underground was struck by metro train. emergency workers came to the scene, they used that hatch to go down and to rescue that worker. they took the worker by ambulance to a nearby ball field where they medevaced him to a hospital. fire department spokesman says that work was unconscious when taken from the scene. there is a lot we don't know. were there passengers on the train that struck the worker, if so where are the passengers, where is the train. we can tell you, though, there are delays, a lot of delays on this blue yellow route as between the national airport and the braddock road stations. that is likely to continue for some time. as you see behind me, there are a number of metro officials on the scene, they are investigating this incident. as you recall, it was last august 11th that another worker
11:46 am
was killed on the orange line. he was struck by one of the metro maintenance trains out there. and then of course that terrible tragic metro accident back in june, nine people killed in that. 70 people injured. so again, another bad day for metro, investigators are on the scene. we still don't know the condition of the worker who was taken here. we'll be back with more news 4 at 4, 5 and 6. >> pat collins, thanks very much. now to the latest from wall street. >> scott joins us with what's happening in business at this hour. >> good morning. we're looking at some kind of modest gains on wall street. the dow industrials up about 20 points, the nasdaq eight. the s&p 500 about 3 points. on some kind of decent economic news, and a little corporate
11:47 am
news. general motors reaching a deal to sell its opal division in europe. theuyers are magna, the auto parts maker and the russian bank. that deal is done and that's going to help. we've got oil data. inventories a little tighter than expected. that raises the price a little bit but it's not up too much. the big economic news, jobless claims, initial jobless claims we get every thursday, the lor department says they came in a little less than expected which suggests though we're in a difficult job market, fewer people are filing their first claims for unemployment. maybe companies are laying off fewer workers. also seeing foreclosure data that came in today from realty track, a little bit less than expected. so, a little bit of signs of moderation in the market is greeting it with moderate gains. joe, eun, back to you. >> we'll continu to watch. thanks. this week's wednesday's child is making great strides in
11:48 am
his school for kids with special needs. >> joshua has a way to go. it would be wonderful if he had a family. here is barbara. >> when josh comes in he loves to be the one to turn on the lights. and his teacher says he's always ready for learning. she says he may be quiet a lot of the time. but always shows that he understands. >> joshua understands a lot of what he is told. we do get a few verbalizations from him. not too much, but he does understand a lot. >> she says josh concentrates as he puts effort into everything he tries. like making play dough figures. he loves music time at school and reaches for the drums and knew exactly how to use it. outside, josh's favorite thing
11:49 am
is fly. his social worker says he's made terrific progress since starting school here two years ago. >> he's been in our program since 2006. but he's been in foster care since he was a newborn. he learns pretty quickly and made many gains. >> social worker angie quinn says when josh gets to know you, he's a very loving child. >> josh is super affectionate, always smiling, and he's just a joy to be around. >> josh is ready to be with a family who can give him a lot of supervision but a lot of love and play time. he's very helpful and affectionate. and likes to participate in family activities and likes to be as independent as he can. >> there are programs offered to help families who might consider adopting josh, but aren't sure about whether they have the skills necessary to care for a child with special needs. >> we provide training, child
11:50 am
specific training related to his disability. >> one thing that takes no training is love. and that's what a family can give rb habaara on barbara harrison, news 4 frbor wednesday's child. >> if ye hav room in your heart and homeor a child it it cwag oinlalurur special wa otonopli h 1-888-to-adopt me. >> the time 11:50. tom kierein is going to be back with a check of our forecast. >> we're looking for people who n ie he day specith early morning me wln so kouon k e-meone like that. ilmaheir story and a picture il toor morning person at c
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good morning. we're looking ahead to the weekend. joining us is lavonnea. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> let's start with something for theatergoer in the washington area. >> absolutely. it is a hot season ahead. we've got cate blanchett and we've got frankenstein, young frankenstein coming. and the question is which one do you -- which do you go to and what do you wear? what we did is put together this -- like a primer for
11:54 am
everything you need to know about washingtontheaters. where to park, and what's the etiquette, don't show up late. don't show up late. and the truth is, they're telling us you can wear whatever. you don't have to wear a little black dress now. >> even at the kennedy center? >> take it by the play. if it's cate blanchett i would dress up. it's more fun and you're going to be laughing, more casual. we're taking some of the intimidation factor out of the theater. >> fall is coming, obviously. everybody loves the fall. a great time to go to cafe, coffee houses. you have something on that. wneten whree bw cafes, it's never re afe ally appto sedppto and andav ss. we have a ahops shops yta so stay ande e great cup of coffee and one of the new places, they pour out
11:55 am
these beautiful designs in your coffee. later this month they are going to have a $10 cup of coffee. it's a very rare bean and frankly, we're sort of lucky to have it in washington. and try something different. >> they aren't booting you out of coffee houses like in new york they won't put people on their lap tops. people come in and stay all day. they aren't doing that. >> these have free wifi. they want you to stay. and they don't serve espresso to go. >> fall is alwayshe time to leave and look at trees. >> absolutely. eweav h moreav tha species ofpes ineesh ingtwa. they call it theity onouvee g o ooveon ge outkeoo ldt a at trseseey i kend e is w
11:56 am
tours. so you can go out and learn what is in rock creek park and learn what's on roosevelt island. find out what causes your allergies. >> exactly. something more than looking at the leaves. learn about the trees. >> absolutely hanks so or mr>>echmuun for more o g to orwashinbcon waington thanks. >> joe, thank you. coming up this afternoon on news 4, anyone with back pain know what is trouble it causes. a new study finds what's working for some people to ease that pain. then at 5:00, the battle for the best campus pizza. who may win the bragging rights. for these and all the news join us for news 4 beginning at 4:00. we're going to get a final check on the forecast with tom kierein. >> here are the skies over the last couple of hours, this is a
11:57 am
time lapse. look at those clouds racing in out of the east over washington. we've had sunlight from time to time. overall the clouds are beginning to win out and are going to be with us throughout the rest of the afternoon. we'll have these clouds, maybe producing moderate rain by late afternoon. coming in from the east. right now on radar we don't have precipitation, we have temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70. all of this potential rain is lurking off the atlantic seaboard now as an area of low pressure will be coming closer to the coast today stoxt, a cloudy afternoon, showers likely by late afternoon and overnight after a high near 70. over an inch to 1 1/2 inches by tomorrow. drying out into the weekend. see you tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thanks very much. they say people do stupid things for love. this may be an example. police in columbus, ohio say a group of three men robbed a couple in their house sunday night. two hours later one of the robbers returned to the home and asked the woman out on a date.
11:58 am
she immediately recognized him and had a relative call 911. the 20-year-old suspect is now in jail on $100,000 bond without a date. >> needless to say she said no. >> that's "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. >> tune in at 4, 5 and 6 for all of the day's news. on
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